Nice app, so how do I pick colors?

Colordot has two modes: finger and camera. In finger mode, swiping and pinching changes the color. In camera mode just point and click to grab colors from the world around you.

So what do the different finger gestures do?

While in finger mode, drag left and right to change a color's hue. Keep dragging in the same direction to cycle through all the hues.

Swipe up and down to change the color's brightness.

To change the saturation of a color, pinch with two fingers. The saturation is how intense the color is. Saturations close to zero appear grey and muted. Vibrant colors have saturation values close to 100.

What are these little gauges that show up while I'm choosing a color?

Neat, huh? They display the HSB (hue, saturation, and brightness) values of the color. The horizontal gauge is hue, the vertical gauge is brightness, and the circular one is saturation.

How do I choose a color with my camera?

Just tap the camera button while editing a color. After a short delay, the viewfinder will open. Then tap the save button () to capture that color. You can also tap the finger / camera mode button to tweak the color.

I made a mistake! How can I undo my changes to a color?

Either shake your device to bring up the undo prompt or press the cancel button () to exit the editor without saving your changes.

I have an exact color I want to use. How can I input it?

Create a new color (with the '+' button) and then save it. Swipe left on that color and choose "Edit values". Within this popup all the color values are directly editable.